Today’s world is still as big as it was when I was a little girl, but between then and now connectivity shrunk so much, that we have all felt the effects of that gigantic connection shift.   From texting across the globe, to posting a greeting on a friends  facebook_logo page,  adding emotions to show how we feel, and sharing our world, business with whoever we like. Facebook-introduces-the-new-emoticons-1020x707

There  are so many ways to communicate.

using something like better click to tweet - offers an easy way to highlight aspects of a blog Click To Tweet




The world shrunk, business went global for everyone, shopping, selling, linking all became available, in what now seems a blink of an eye.  Add in all the rest that this connectivity has to offer and you can see why so many use the web to promote, engage, sell and link what they do to their target audience.




So, what I hear you saying has all this to do with: Hooks, Tunnels, and Bootstrap?

Well, for me the web has been a journey that started many moons ago, as I became fascinated in programming software to engage children in a different kind of learning – a way that would safely bring the big world into their world so they could access educational materials that were more engaging than staring at a blackboard.  The wiz, bang aspects of seeing history in 3D, or being able to watch a flower bloom in slow motion – captured their imagination and opened their world.  In a safe environment the web can offer amazing things.




Ahhh, So what about: Hooks, Tunnels, and Bootstrap

In 2003  WordPress was born, and came out of a desire for an elegant, well-architectured personal publishing system built on a mature and stable framework.  Focusing on user experience and web standards it allows the creation of  sites that are original, bespoke one offs that offer a personal Website presence.  The tools to build are amazing with the beauty of offering  different look from other Website  out there.




Some of the big brands utilise the power of WordPress: Sony Music, ebay, PlayStation, Ford, Facebook Newsroom, Marks & Spencer, Google,  Blackberry,  from The Rolling Stones to Snoop Dogg, Reuters, Observer, Global New, Metro UK, Skype, Microsoft, BBC America… to name just a few.  Not to mention all the bloggers out there.




I love to Design and Create Websites using this awesome tool Word Press –  it enables me to make each design: personal,  different, original and purpose built for the client who has chosen to have a presence on-line that is unique.




Off the shelf building website packages, have their place and I am used to using them all – but for a designer and web developer Word Press offers so much more.




I Design and Build Websites from scratch, from a blank page, after the consultation process.   I utilise the Hooks, Tunnels in the software of Word Press building system so that content can be placed anywhere on a page.  My design process frames pages on a Bootstrap system that offers impressive flexibility.




Hooks, Tunnels, and Bootstrap – just names, I know – but offer a very powerful infrastructure for Website design and build, so that you can have the Website you choose.

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