Many of us have had pets at some point in out lives, and enjoyed the joy that they can bring.   I say that with a smile on my face as my buddy on many long walks is Max, my 4 year old pooch.



Currently I am designing a website for a micro engineer, who loves his day job, but also has created a new business with the help of his pets.   He, and his girlfriend have a group of Guinea Pigs, (not sure what a collection of Guineas are called - must google that one)



He decided to design and create bespoke housing, names plates and other engineered elements for his guineas - and became overwhelmed when his Instagram followers his 10,000 with so many wanting to buy his designs.


Hence the need for a website - so lucky me I get to create a design that is not only guinea friendly - but also meets his need to sell and market his products, that are evolving out of his hobby.


Here is a sneaky view of the top of his page - still work to do, but with all designs its a work in progress.   File 15-06-2016, 09 27 35





I will be using Woo Commerce to offer his clients the easiest way of purchasing from his site.

Yay, happy guineas, and a very happy client.

Till next time x


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