Paula Max

I have always loved technology, from its very early days.  Years ago,  I used to have fun programming an early black screen computer with fun activities for my sons to do when they arrived home from school.


I studied at Hull University,  focusing on Integrated Learning Technologies.

Web Design from the early days has and continues to fascinate me. I love designing, building and developing new ideas - then transferring these into workable projects.  Always a wow moment.


I love photography, art and design, and can just melt away in an art studio or exhibition - music is my second love anything from classical to pop.

My family and friends are my passion and I am very grateful to be surrounded by such a caring, loving bunch - ahhh.


I look forward to working with you.



world-wide-web-341418_1280The Web host millions of websites - all unique, some more memorable - but all serving an information driven service, either selling to or informing their audience.

In this most connected time in our history a presence on the net for your service, business seems a valuable way forward. you may already have a website and just want to update - or are new to the internet, and the time is right to tell the world (local, or further afield) about what you have to offer.

Our recent projects include:

Inspiration from the Isle.  A website designed and created for a young couple of 70 Years old who wanted to showcase their love of the Isle of Axholme, and let their family, friends, and visitors see what they see.

This has been a fabulous project, which has opened up a new era for the couple.  They are so pleased to be part of a wider connected world, and enjoy their online presence - making new friends as they grow.

Check it out HERE

On the Launchpad, ready to fly:

Chi-Ki Holistic Health -  The company already had a website, but wanted a more comprehensive, and updated version.  Their new site is packed with information,  and online or downloadable courses.  Arriving soon.

3D Printing - A Post Graduate Engineer has developed a unique market for his designs and builds - we are working with him to share his work on the net - brilliant project helping him launch is business.